Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Updated Room!

Hello everyone!! So, as some of you already know, my dad has been working on  me and Kim's room lately!! First, Dad, Kim, and I went to the Home Depot to get the paint! We decided on a hot pink, so I took my pillow sham that had that kind of pink on it to the Home Depot, and we got the paint. Next, dad had to put mud over the holes that were in our walls and then he sanded the places where he had put the mud. Dad painted our walls pink and the ceiling an off-white color. After dad painted, he put white trim-work around our closet door. He is still going to put white trim around our floor too. We rearranged our furniture and Mom, Kim, and I also bought some new decorations for our room!! So, here are the pictures!! Enjoy! :) 
The walls with the mud on 'em.

Our new room!!!! This is the viewpoint from the door.

Kim's corner.

My corner.

Part of Kim's wall and our closet door.

My corner and our door.

At the far left is Kim's bed, then our window, my school desk,  our dresser, and  our clothes hamper.

Dresser, my bed, etc.

Kim's bed, window, etc.

Far left is our door, then our mirror, and then our closet door. This was taken with the window behind me.
So there ya go!!!!! Hope you all have a great day!!!!!
            ♥ Rachel


  1. ooo i love the new look! cant wait to see it in person :)

  2. Wow...looks really nice. Girly (go figure), but nice. :)

  3. AWESOME!! I love it! Really looking forward to seeing it sometime! :D

  4. I'm so glad that Dad was able to do that for ya'll!! I hope that you enjoy it in the years to come:) Love and hugs!!!

  5. Thanks everyone!!! Yeah, maybe you guys can see it sometime!!!! :)

  6. Very nice Rae! Congrats on the great looking room.