Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Practice hair!

Hey ya'll! So, Kim, Jonathan, Andrew, and I are going(along with friends) to a Regency Ball in December! It is a Pride and Prejudice style ball and a friend of ours is making dresses for Kim and me!! Anyway, I want to have my hair in an updo that Elizabeth Bennet, from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie, had hers in for one of the balls. So, after I took a shower yesterday, Kim put my hair up in pin curls. My hair was already starting to dry by the time she started with the curls, but with hairspray and the partial wetness, it turned out really nice!! I slept in the pin curls and they were in my hair for about 17 hours. This was a practice run for the ball; my hair is naturally straight but it needs to be curly in order to do the Elizabeth updo. Here are some pictures! Let me know what you think! :) 
Elizabeth's updo on Pride and Prejudice. My hair won't look exactly like that, but it will be up kinda like that.

The front of my hair after taking the pin curls out.

The back.
Taken back with a scrunchie.

Well, let me know what you think! :) Have a lovely day! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

I'M BACK!!!!!!

  Well, to start, me and two of my brothers(Isaiah and Noah) had birthdays last month! I turned 18, Isaiah turned 3, and Noah turned 6. On my actual birthday I went to work but that night mom made the dinner of my choice which was: chicken enchiladas, refried beans, and chips with salsa and sour cream. Yum! Mexican! After dinner Noah, Isaiah, and I opened up presents from the family. Around a week after my birthday, we had some grandparents and my older brother, his wife, and baby over for a birthday party for the three birthday kids! We had made these chocolate cake pops for the party. They look like lollipops, only it's cake, not candy(see pics below). We ended up singing "Happy Birthday" four times; once for me, once for Noah, once for Isaiah, and once for my grandma(who's birthday is in October as well)! The party was fun! We opened gifts, talked, laughed, and got several group pictures. The next birthday in our family is Andrew's and it is on Thanksgiving! It isn't on Thanksgiving too often. Well, on to the pictures! 
Isaiah and me/birthday buddies

A candle

Isaiah and Noah

Isaiah. Little handsome guy!

My birthday cake with 18 candles!!

Mom made a two-layered cake this time!

Panda Paws ice-cream and cake!!!

Noah with his candle in his pancakes

Noah with lots of gifts

The cake pops for the party

The almond bark I used for the cake pop frosting

Melted peanut butter

Chocolate sprinkles

Pouring the almond bark on a cake pop

Putting sprinkles on

Drizzling peanut butter on a cake pop

I didn't actually lick it!

My little nephew before the party!

Noah and Matt! 


Me in the hat Matt and Arielle got me!

Group picture! Back row L-R: Dad, Jonathan, Kimberlynne, Andrew, Mom. Middle row L-R: Arielle, Liam, Matt, Grandpa, Grandma, Poppie, Me. Front row L-R: Daniel, Isaiah(in Daniel's lap), Josh, Noah.

Me, Isaiah, and Noah. Look at Isaiah's face!!

Isaiah with his cake pop

Noah with his cake pop

Me with my cake pop

And Grandma with her cake pop

Be on the lookout for another post!Rachel

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Temporary Goodbye

Hey blogging friends! I am going to be doing an electronic fast for 1 month, so I won't be back until November! Anyway, have a great day, keep smiling, and i'll see ya later! :)

      Love, Rachel ♥

Monday, September 23, 2013

What a fun week!

It was such a fun week! On Thursday, my sister and I went over to a friend's house to spend the night. That day, we also drove out to Houghton, NY to pick up one of our friends(who's house we were spending the night at) from her college. She showed us around her campus, introduced us to her college buddies, and we ate dinner with her in the cafeteria. Then on Friday, my sister and I had to get up at 4 a.m. to get ready to head out to Indiana with the groom's family. The drive out there was about 5-6 hours long and we took a few rest stops along the way. We finally made it to Indiana around 11:30 a.m. and had to get ready for the rehearsal dinner that afternoon. For the rehearsal dinner we had pizza, chips, cookies, and brownies! It was yummy! After the rehearsal, the bride took my sister, a bride's maid, and me to her house for a bachelorette party. All of the bride's maids were at her house and some of us put the groom'smen's boutonnieres together as well as the bride'smaids' bouquets and the bride's bouquet. They all turned out to be beautiful! After the bachelorette party, my sister and I went back to the house we were staying at and had dinner and then went to bed a little while after that. Now on to Saturday, the day of the wedding! It had rained during the night, but by the morning it was beautiful outside with a blue sky and white clouds! We got up, ate breakfast, showered, got our wedding clothes on, put on makeup, fixed our hair, and then waited for the groom's dad to arrive from New York. When he arrived, he ate some lunch and then got into his suit. We then left for the wedding! The wedding was country/western themed so the wedding was in a red, round barn! The wedding was very beautiful and fun! The whole bridal party looked nice and the decorations were cute and elegant! After the reception the bride and groom cut the cake and then they started to serve dessert! After the dessert, the father/daughter dance started. I didn't even finish all of my dessert because next was barn/square/group dancing! It was really fun!!!!!!! I'm going to put up some pictures and describe some things in more detail. But anyway, after the wedding we helped clean up and then our little homeschool group got together at a capsite(where some of my friends were staying at) and played ultimate frisbee(which I did terrible at :P ) and we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire. Despite the fact that I didn't play frisbee well or that I flung my roasted marshmallow on the grass, I still had a fun time with my friends! After the homeschool get-together, we all went to our sleeping places to get some sleep before the long ride home the next day. It was a very fun week and I am so glad that I got to do some fun, exciting, out-of-the-ordinary things! A sweet couple is now happily married and i'm sure they are going to enjoy their life together! Here are some pictures of my trip! You can click on them to make them bigger! Enjoy! 
On the way to Houghton College! Left-Right: Annetta, Lydia, and me



My sister, Kimberlynne

Us being goofy! 

Lydia is good with hair, so she did Annetta and my hair before we got to Houghton!
This is the waterfall braid on Annetta!

A fish tail braid on me.

The waterfall braid on me.

This is inside the round barn(where the wedding ceremony was). This is looking up at the ceiling.

Inside the barn was decorated with flowers, lights, and white tulle.

The bags/programs that had lavender in them to throw on the bride and groom.

Outside at the wedding reception. Isn't it beautiful weather?

The round barn!

A center piece of baby's breath. The pen and paper were for people to leave a note for the bride and groom.

Baby's breath.

Reception tables

The cake for the bride and groom to cut.

The dessert table.

The bride and groom!!!

The bridal party (minus one guy because he was giving his speech).

Bride and groom listening to one of the groom's men give his speech.

My brother, Jonathan, giving a speech to the groom.

The bride and groom's first dance!

The father/daughter dance. (Thank you Annetta for getting some father/daughter dance pics!)

Me and my sister!

On the way home to New York! Good-bye Indiana!

A Cleveland, OH sign!

I went crazy on the picture-taking in Cleveland! I like the big buildings!

The Cleveland Indians stadium.

An old water tower. (my dad said that's what it is)

This was painted on one of the buildings!

An Erie, PA sign!!!

A windmill

Me and some of my siblings! Left-Right: Kim, Jonathan, Andrew, and me.

Have a great week!  ♥Rachel