Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Picture for photo challenge

Ok, here is the picture for Isabelle's photo challenge! I used PhotoMania.

Friday, October 26, 2012

This week

Hello all!!!! Here is a post about my week!

 On the 25th it was my brother, Noah's, 5th birthday!!!  On the 24th we had my grandpa over for a combined birthday party for Noah, Isaiah, and me! At that combined party we had cupcakes and ice-cream and we played the Wii (grandpa played too!)

 We have a skunk that has been getting in our barn and eating the cat food. So a couple of nights ago, I went out to the barn and the skunk was in the barn eating the cat food and he got scared and hid under some stuff in our barn. So I went and got a live trap and set it; I put cat food in a bowl and put it in the trap. And then I went to another part of the barn and the skunk came out from its hiding place and was sniffing around and he drank some of the cat's water. He then noticed or smelled that there was cat food in the trap so he tried to get to the food from the back of the trap but didn't succeed in that. Well he finally went in the trap and the door closed behind him. So, ok, I caught the skunk right?! Well temporarily!! The next morning my dad went out to the barn and found out that the skunk had gotten out the back of the trap which hadn't been all the way closed! So my dad reset the trap, but tonight I found one of our cats, Mack, inside the trap with the door closed behind him!!! Maybe we'll catch that skunk yet!!!!!!!

 Any way, tomorrow Mom, Kim, and I are supposed to go shopping in Erie, PA! We are planning to leave for Erie at 8:30 a.m. and get home around dinner time! We don't go shopping in Erie very often; we did go last year though!

 I have taken my youngest brother, Isaiah, on some walks the past few days! The weather has been pretty nice! On the walks he likes to hold on to a leaf and try to throw gravel into the water when we're on the bridge!

  Well have a great day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today was my littlest brother, Isaiah's, and my birthday!!! This is his 2nd birthday and my 17th!!!!!!! Yesterday we did presents for Isaiah and me from the family! And today I had a friend over and we had pizza and cake! Below are some pictures! Enjoy! :)

Isaiah with his card and gifts!

Me with some presents!

My OWN box of Life cereal!

The birthday buddies!

Me with my cake today!

My cake. It is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and Reese's bite-size candies!

My sister, friend, and me