Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Newest member of the farm!

Hello everybody!!! We now have a new member of the Young farm!! Let me explain... A little over a year ago, this guy gave us a white female goat, Millie, and a buck to borrow. I believe Millie was pregnant when we got her but then she miscarried a couple of months later. Well, Rosie got pregnant with the buck that we borrowed but Millie never got pregnant again after her miscarriage. Rosie had Lacy and Daphney in May 2012 (I did a post about those babies). We eventually got rid of the buck.  Fast forward to now, and we have Rosie, Lacy and Daphney, who are now 10 months old, and Millie. Well, today the guy who loaned us Millie came to get her. He also brought along two little bucks(I think they may have been brothers) but only left one with us to borrow. So we now have a new little guy in our barn! I named him Benny! He is such a little cry baby; I think that he misses his brother! He's a little buck, but maybe he'll "get the job done" with my girls. So, on our farm is: 1 chicken, 3 cats (Rafa, Grace, and Mack), and 4 goats (Rosie, Lacy, Daphney, and Benny!) Here are some pictures! 


There you are! Have a great day guys!!! ♥Rachel