Thursday, August 18, 2011

Answers to my quiz!!!

People may still want to take my quiz, so I will put the answers to the quiz in a comment for this post!! :) Thank you for taking my quiz!!!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quiz about me! :)

Here is a quiz for you to do if you want!! Just leave your answers in a comment and try to not look at other people's answers before you take the quiz!! :) Have fun and enjoy!!!!!!!! :)

                           Quiz About Me!

1. Where was I born?
      A. Dallas, Texas
      B. Ft. Worth, Texas
      C. Houston, Texas

2. Who is my middle name named after? (my middle name is Marie)

     A. My mom's mom
     B. My dad's mom
     C. My mom

3. What was my black cat's name?

     A. Shadow
     B. Jim
     C. Ty

4. Out of the two, which flavor of jelly is my favorite?

     A. Grape
     B. Strawberry

5. Which one is one of my favorite cars?

A. PT Cruiser
B. Mini Cooper

C. Prius

6. What color nail polish is on my toes?

     A. Pink
     B. Purple
     C. Silver
     D. Blue

7. Which one do I do?

     A. Crochet
     B. Cross-stitch
     C. Quilting

8. What is my most common nickname?

     A. Rach
     B. Racha
     C. Rae

9. Which ice-cream flavor do I not really care for?

A. Chocolate

B. Butter Pecan

C. Cookies and Cream

10. Which one do I not like in my salad?

      A. Onions
      B. Parsley
      C. Carrots

11. What was the nickname that the midwife called me when I was born?

      A. Cutie
      B. Fluffy Duck
      C. Shorty
      D. Chunklet

12. What color are my glasses?

      A. Plum
      B. Burgundy
      C. Black

13. What color are my eyes?

       A. Brown
       B. Hazel
       C. Green
       D. Blue

14. How much did I weigh when I was born?

      A. 10lbs. 3oz.
      B. 9lbs. 12oz.
      C. 7lbs. 9oz.
      D. 11lbs. 2oz.

15. How tall am I?

      A. 5ft. 10in.
      B. 5ft. 8in.
      C. 5ft. 3in.
      D. 5ft. 6in.

             Thank you for taking the quiz!!!!!!!! Was it fun? :)