Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun day on Sunday! :)

Yesterday, dad decided to take us all on a drive. We stopped to get ice(for the cooler), pop, chips, chocolate chip cookies, and Little Caesar's pizza!!!!!!! But, before we could even eat the pizza, we drove around for a little while. We finally ended up at the Stow Ferry in Bemus Point, which takes you across Chautauqua lake! We don't usually cross this way! We drove onto the ferry and were able to get out of the van and look over the railing of the ferry! It was fun! When we got to the other side of the lake, we had to find a place to park so that we could picnic at the Bemus Point park. However, there were festivities going on, so finding a place to park was not too easy. We did find a parking spot and some picnic tables(we had to have two tables). We ate our yummy meal and then went to the mall, Dollar Tree, and Walmart. When we got home, Matt, Arielle, and Liam were at our house! We had dinner with them and laughed, talked, played/acted goofy with Liam, and did various things for hours! My little nephew is soooo cute and this post is not going to get away without a picture of him!! Anyway, we all had fun! Hope you all are doing good! :) <3 Rachel

Our van on the ferry!

Chautauqua lake

Two flags on the ferry

More vehicles

Now isn't he just sooo cute?!!!!!! :) <3