Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello everyone!! 

 So it is now December!!!!!!!!! I'm going to put up a Christmas music playlist! However if you don't want to listen to the music or if it is getting on your nerves let me know. You can also pause the playlist! 

  We have some snow! It has been melting some though. But maybe the grass will soon be covered again. My brothers have been having fun playing out in the snow building snow forts/castles. They will get a bucket/ tote, stuff snow in it, and then dump it over to make a block of snow! Even Isaiah, age 2, has been out in the snow! 

 I have been doing school, chores, making cards, baking, and other stuff! I also went out sledding with the boys a couple of days ago! That probably won't be the last time I go sledding this year either!

 Anyway, have a great day everyone!!!!!!! 

                ♥ Rachel