Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well, this week, Riley, the black, long-haired cat that I posted about, got hit by a vehicle. So now we only have four cats again.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rosie had babies!!!

  Rosie had two baby girls today (May 20th)!!!!!!!!!!!! We have Rosie and her kids in a separate pen then the other two goats!! The babies dad is brown, black, and white, kinda like one of the babies in the pictures and Rosie is mostly black!!!!!!!!! :) Check out the pictures!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 So, I haven't really been blogging a whole lot!!!! How about I write about a bunch of things in this one?

 Well, I still have school, but I have finished Economics!!!!!!!!!!!! And I "might" be done with most of my school sometime in June!

 Anyway, my goat, Rosie, might be expecting! I'm not sure though. We have tried to breed her before, but she never got pregnant, so maybe this time she is pregnant! We'll probably be giving the buck back, to the guy that was letting us borrow him, sometime this month or else the females, if they got pregnant after May, would have kids in the winter!

 The lilac trees are already starting to get their flowers, and our maple tree has leaves on it!! We didn't get too many daffodils this Spring, maybe because of the cold weather and the snow. And we are also getting those yellow flowers, that still come up from the ground even after you mow the grass, known as Dandelions!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!

 We are doing a garden this year and have already started some plants inside and in the garden. This year we are going to do some plants that we didn't do last year. Some of them are: Watermelon, radishes, pepper, and purple hull peas. We did corn last year and the year before, and it didn't really work out that well! We probably let it sit too long! But, zucchini and yellow squash do pretty well when we plant it!

 Isaiah, who is 1 1/2 years old, is walking around now! He isn't saying very many things but he does do some animal noises. He has several teeth, although some of them are not fully in yet!

Anyways, there is my post for now. Maybe i'll post more often!

       Enjoy the sunshine and green grass!!!  
                  -Rachel Y. :)

Our maple tree


A flower

Our bridge and the creek