Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dill Pickle Spears

Yesterday my mom, sister, and I canned some dill pickle spears! Here are some pictures!
Some whole cucumbers
Cucumber spears



Dill goes in each jar.

Garlic also goes in each jar.

Waiting for the water to boil. (This pic was taken when we were heating up the water the first time; we had to heat it up again because we had to wait to get more vinegar to finish the pickles!)

Boiling the jar lids so that the rubber will get soft

This is when we were putting the juice mixture into the jars.

The jars are all filled now with cucumbers, dill, garlic, and a liquid mixture.

Some of the jars in the canning pot

Sometimes jars will break while in the pot (as shown in above picture). Only one of the jars broke!


Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hey everyone!!!!!!!

 I am done with 11th grade!!!!!!!!! Now on to my Senior year in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! In my last year of school I will be doing: Language Arts, World History, Physical Science, and Government!

Anyway, how are all of you??