Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pampered Chef and Indiana!

  Well, tonight my sister and I are hosting a Pampered Chef party for our sister-in-law. We have been cleaning and baking lately for the party! We made some yummy things and decorated some of the house with fall decor. We hope that a lot of ladies show up; it is going to be a fun time! 

  Also, one of our homeschool friends is getting married this Saturday! The wedding is Indiana and since that is a ways away from Ny, our whole family can't go. But, Jon, one of my brothers, is going to be in the wedding. So he and Andrew, another one of my brothers, are going to hitch a ride with another one of the groom's men and his brother. My sister and I are going to be riding along with the groom's family to the wedding. Thursday, my sister and I are going to spend the day and night at our friend's house because they live really close to the groom's family. Then, early Friday morning, my sister and I will go over to the groom's family's house and head out for Indiana! We are going to arrive in Indiana around noon, I think, and the rehearsal dinner will be sometime that afternoon! Then, Saturday will be the wedding and the reception(at which there will be square dancing!!!!). We will then leave for home on Sunday morning. It should be a fun time! Tomorrow I am going to pack for the trip. 

   We also have an English/Scottish Country dance class tomorrow so that we can have some extra practice for the dancing at the wedding! 

  Anyway, hope all of you have a great week! And i'll see some of you soon! :)

   <3 Rachel


  1. I'm really glad you said something about packing, cause otherwise I think I would have completely forgotten about packing til Thursday afternoon, and that would have been too late! I hope the pampered chef party goes well, and I can't wait to see you guys! :)

    1. Haha! It was fun a fun week! Glad we got to go out to Houghton! :)