Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow and things!!

 So I took these pictures almost two weeks ago, but i'll put them up anyway!! :)  

The oak tree

Liam and Rafa


Our yard

A birdhouse on our barn


The creek with our bridge

The chicken coop outside

The street light had icicles on it!

Liam, Mack, and Rafa :)


  1. "Like" :) nice pictures! Too bad it doesn't look like that outside anymore. I actually did get some nice pictures on the way to your house yesterday. I'll have to put them on Facebook.

  2. Thanks Craftsman!! Yeah, it might not look "quite" like that now! :) I have some lines on some of my pictures, would you have any idea why some pictures did that? Some pictures that we take outside with snow get lines on them!

  3. Hahaha, I love the last one! They're totally should do a caption contest for it or something!

  4. I love it!! That picture with the creek and the bridge looks exactly like something you would see on a calendar!! Very pretty :)

  5. @Erika: Hahaha!! Andrew, my brother, wanted to take a picture of the three cats on the porch, but I took that one and Liam was yawning or something!! :)

    @The CocoaNut: Thanks!!!! :)